Electricity Generation

Battle River GS
Atco Power
670 MW, 5-unit
Forestburg, Alberta
Goreway Station
Sithe Global Power
875 MW, 3x1 combined cycle
Brampton, Ontario
Brighton Beach GS
Atco Power
580 MW, 2x1 combined cycle
Windsor, Ontario

Oil & Gas

Suncor Energy Product Inc.
Sarnia, Ontario
Syncrude Canada Ltd.
Fort McMurray, Alberta
Construction Planning & Management

Frank offers more than 18 years experience planning and managing the construction of systems and facilities, in the petrochemical and power industries.

This work has entailed :

  • Senior team member responsible for procurement, equipment service agreements and construction negotiations for 880 MW natural gas fuelled, combined cycle facility.  Responsibilities also included: managing the construction of the electrical interconnections and associated connection agreements; managing the owner’s construction labour relations; and, as providing technical support to regulatory and municipal authorities.
  • Support for the Site Construction Manager of a 580 MW natural gas fuelled power station.  Responsibilities included leading the Technical Specifications team in:  engineering and contractor selections; generating equipment and balance of plant selection; as well as, procurement negotiations and negotiations of major equipment service agreements.  Other responsibilities included: negotiating construction labour agreements, managing site construction labour relations, and overseeing commitments to stakeholders. 
  • As plant manager of a 735 MW coal-fired power station, responsibilities included executive management development; and, the implementation of capital projects to improve the station’s environmental & operating performance; and, the overhaul and refurbishment of major equipment and operating sub-systems.
  • Leading operations inputs and work controls to manage the return to service of a 265 MW natural gas-fuelled cogenerating power station upon completion of major system and equipment improvements (redesign of boiler hanger tubes and refurbishment of recycled water system).

Clients include:  Sithe Global Power, CU Power (Atco Power), Syncrude Canada Limited.