Electricity Generation

Battle River GS
Atco Power
670 MW, 5-unit
Forestburg, Alberta
Goreway Station
Sithe Global Power
875 MW, 3x1 combined cycle
Brampton, Ontario
Brighton Beach GS
Atco Power
580 MW, 2x1 combined cycle
Windsor, Ontario

Oil & Gas

Suncor Energy Products Inc.
Sarnia, Ontario
Syncrude Canada Ltd.
Fort McMurray, Alberta
Project Development

Frank Bajc has been a senior member of power project development teams for more than 12 years.  This work has entailed numerous gas-fuelled projects (simple cycle and cogenerated), ranging in size from 70 MW to 900 MW with a total nameplate capacity of more than 4600 MW. This work has involved projects across Canada (Ontario, Quebec and PEI) and the United States.

Specific responsibilities and accomplishments have included:

  • Site selection and assessment for greenfield power projects.
  • Developing and negotiating terms and conditions for partnership agreements.
  • Opening lines of communications with local community groups and non-governmental organizations.
  • Negotiating and obtaining regulatory/municipal approvals.
  • Negotiating terms and conditions for fuel supply contracts.
Clients include:  CU Power (Atco Power), Sithe Global Power, Rodan Power, Gilead Energy, TransCanada Energy.